FIPA Releases A Robust New Series of ID Grippers with Adjustable Holding Force & an 8- to 85-mm Diameter Range

CARY, NC — FIPA Inc., introduces a robust new series of ID grippers with an 8- to 85-mm diameter range and high holding force that can be adjusted to individual workpieces via feed pressure. Color-coded to correspond with clamping positions for pushed and drawn parts and featuring strong elastomer bellows made of EPDM or silicone, the latter of which is FDA approved for direct contact with food, the new single-acting, pneumatically operated expansion grippers gently grip the inner contours of workpieces without leaving any marks, providing an effective alternative to suction cups and sprue grippers for parts with holes or recesses.

“Expanded by pneumatically driven pistons rather than inflation to avoid all risk of bursting, the bellows in our new color-coded ID grippers gently clamp workpieces at their inner surface, retain them with the appropriate amount of adjustable holding force, and release them without leaving any marks,” said Rainer Mehrer, president of FIPA. “Additionally, as a result of the recent overhaul of our entire ID gripper product line in combination with our extensive offering of FIPA mounting elements and accessories, these and other FIPA grippers can now be used regardless of the position of the products to be handled, which both reduces BOM costs and enhances the value we provide to our customers.”

Made of high-strength, anodized aluminum and service-friendly EPDM or silicone bellows that are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 130°C (266°F) and 200°C (392°F), respectively, and can be easily replaced in a non-destructive manner if necessary, the 11 new grippers in the series accommodate a variety of workpieces with inner diameters ranging from 8–85mm and weigh between 0.88 and 37.047oz (25 and 1,051g) apiece. Optimal feed pressure for the series is 8 bar.

To further facilitate integration into gripper systems, the series is also available with a wide range of matching fittings, screw connections, and other accessories, including several sizes of mounting brackets for variable angle installation and four different extension tubes with compressed air connections.

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