FIPA Releases a New Series of Round Quick-Changers with a Robust SAFE-LOCK Mechanism

CARY, NC — FIPA Inc. has released a new series of round quick-change systems, which provide an extremely reliable connection between assembly and material handling robots and gripper systems. Designed to withstand strong vibrations and rapid acceleration, the new SR Series quick-changers feature innovative, snap-on SAFE-LOCK mechanisms, color-coded locking indications (red for locked, green for open), and pneumatic air connections incapable of being misaligned, ensuring maximum functional reliability and further improving process safety.

“Thanks to the visual locking indication, operators can immediately tell whether our SR Series quick-changers are securely closed and ready for operation,” said Rainer Mehrer, president of FIPA. “This feature, in combination with the series’ extremely reliable SAFE-LOCK mechanism, always correctly-aligned pneumatic connections, and robust construction, provides users with error-free operation they can trust.”

Made of high-strength, anodized aluminum alloy, SR Series quick-changers are currently available with diameters of 50mm, 90mm, and 150mm, feature a high repeat accuracy of +/- 0.025mm, and can withstand working pressure of up to 6 bar and working vacuum of up to -1 bar. Lifting force, maximum torque, maximum bending moment, and weight varies for each device. SR Series quick-changers with a 50mm diameter have a maximum lift capacity of 200N, weigh 65g (2.29oz), and can handle up to 50Nm torque and 30Nm bending moment. Quick-changers with a 90mm diameter have a maximum lift capacity of 400N, weigh 320g (11.29oz), and can handle up to 100Nm torque and 60Nm bending moment. Lastly, SR Series devices with a 150mm diameter have a maximum lift capacity of 1,000N maximum lifting force, weigh 1,190g (41.98oz or 2.62lb), and can handle up to 250Nm torque and 100Nm bending moment.

Additionally, the 90mm and 150mm diameter devices are compatible with both FIPA and third-party quick-change systems.

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