Finesse Unveils TruPCT, A Single-Use Sensor for Pressure, Conductivity and Temperature

SANTA CLARA, CA -- Finesse Solutions, Inc. announced the technical demonstration of TruPCT, a single-use multi-parameter measurement system for downstream processes, at Interphex in New York on March 17, 2014.

The TruPCT multi-sensor is an in-line device that measures process pressure, conductivity and temperature. It consists of a disposable sensor and two blade SmartTransmitters. The single-use sensor element can be pre-inserted in a downstream process flow-path, and irradiated with the tubing set, in order to both preserve and guarantee the sterile barrier. All wetted materials of the sensor are USP class VI compliant. The TruPCT sensor enables three measurements in a single process insertion point, thereby reducing the flow path connections from six to two.

The pressure sensor uses a similar measuring approach to the upstream TruTorr headspace pressure sensor. The temperature measurement leverages a PT 100 RTD and provides a highly accurate temperature measurement that can be used as a process variable. The conductivity sensor utilizes a state-of-the-art solid-state measurement chip. The pressure and conductivity measurements are automatically compensate for temperature. The lot traceability data are encoded on a gamma-radiation-resistant memory chip that is integrated inside the sensor and follows it through production and sterilization. This chip is automatically read by the Finesse system once the cable is attached. All three measurement loops are enabled for a one-point calibration to maximize accuracy.

"TruPCT sensors represent the entry of Finesse into downstream processing and are the starting point for our measurement and automation product offering. Our multi-sensor, like all of our single-use sensors, is optimized for accuracy, lifetime, and ease of use. We anticipate that the TruPCT sensor will provide a unique, complete solution for single-use bio-processing applications," stated Finesse CTO, Dr. Mark Selker.

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