Finesse Solutions Launches Next Generation G3Pro Universal SmartControllers

SANTA CLARA, CA. - Finesse Solutions, Inc., a manufacturer of measurement and control solutions for life sciences process applications, announced the launch of its new G3Pro Universal SmartControllers for upstream cell culture and fermentation. The G3Pro is designed to complement the G3Lab and simplify process scale-up using bioreactors from different vendors.

These SmartControllers are designed to work with stirred-tank single-use vessels from most major manufacturers (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Millipore, ATMI, GE/Xcellerex, and Sartorius) ranging from 50L to 2,000L. They offer tridundant sensors (single-use optical or traditional electrochemical) for pH and dissolved oxygen measurement as well as redundant single-use pressure and RTD temperature sensors. They also have a significant amount of spare input/output capacity for peripheral devices such as third party CO2 or cell viability sensors, pumps, scales and perfusion process separation devices.

Each G3Pro Universal controller leverages Finesse's new SmartParts components. The utility tower has a standard set of four peristaltic SmartPumps and SmartTransmitters for TruFluor or electrochemical sensors. Up to six gases can be controlled using SmartMFCs in a compact gas manifold. The Vessel Adapter Box (VAB) accounts for differences in agitation mechanisms, vessel weight monitoring and bag pressure sensing between the different bioreactor designs that are supported.

Dr. Barbara Paldus of Finesse stated that "G3Pro Universal SmartControllers represent a paradigm shift in building a pilot or production facility, because each SmartController represents a bio-processing point rather than a specific bioreactor vessel. Such a SmartFactory can be easily re-configured for different bioreactor platforms in different groupings with a minimal capital investment. The capability to perform rapid product change-over represents a step forward in plant asset optimization for multi-product facilities."

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