Filtered Probe Provides Precise Com Cable Tracing

Fluke Networks’ Pro3000F Filtered Probe is the latest iteration of the classic Pro3000 Tone and Probe family. The Pro3000F features an advanced filter that removes signal interference at 50 Hz or 60 Hz and their harmonics. This filtering allows technicians to easily find the cable or wire they are tracing even when noisy external sources, such as power cables and lighting, are present.


In certain environments, such as a building renovation, sources of signal interference including power tool power supplies, lighting, and fans can overwhelm the tone being sent by a standard tone generator. This noise usually has a frequency of 60 Hz or its harmonics, 50 Hz in areas outside of North America, which can hinder the technician's workflow or make it impossible for them to trace cabling accurately. 

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The Pro3000F Filtered Probe is sold separately or with the Pro3000 Tone Generator, which features SmartTone technology that provides five distinct tones for exact pair identification.  It also is compatible with existing analog generators, as well as those built into Fluke Networks products including the MicroScanner2, CableIQ, and DSX CableAnalyzer Series.


The Fluke Networks Pro3000F Filtered Probe is available worldwide in both 60 Hz and 50 Hz versions. For more information, call 1-800-283-5853 (US, Canada), 1-425-446-5500 (International) or visit Fluke Networks.

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