Field Test DA Software from Binsfeld Engineering

Field Test DA Software from Binsfeld Engineering
Binsfeld Engineering Inc.

The Op-Torq field test DA software from Binsfeld Engineering Inc., Maple City, MI, lets you capture and analyze true mechanical torque, rpm, and/or power data transmitted from rotating drive shafts. Features include graphical tools, a USB DA module, timed acquisition mode (with periodic or continuous DA), high-frequency acquisition mode with up to 500 Hz frequency acquisition and analysis tools, and data export in Excel format. The basic package includes the software on CD, a USB 2.0 cable, and a manual. The software is designed to accept the digital data output stream from the company's TorqueTrak 10K torque telemetry system and can be adapted to work with the company's other torque and power measurement systems.

Contact Info

Company: Binsfeld Engineering Inc.
Phone number: 231-334-4383/800-524-3327
Fax: 231-334-4903

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