Fiber Optic Sensors Take The Safe Route

Fiber Optic Sensors Take The Safe Route

Described as inherently safe, fiber optic signaling components for industrial automation, robotic, and medical markets, the MR380 series fiber optic emergency stop sensors offer ESTOP Functional Safety compliance with an SIL1 rating and the MR382 series fiber optic U-beam sensor is a general purpose photo interruption/slot sensor. The sensors consist of a passive optical sensor which connects to a DIN-rail controller module via an industry standard OM1 duplex 62.5/125 multimode fiber optic link. They operate over distances up to 2,500m (8,200 ft.). The MR380/MR382 controller modules are remote from the sensors in a non-hazardous location and provide the functional interface to the user’s system. Single-unit price for a complete MR380 or MR382 sensor/controller set is $960 or $880, respectively, with typical lead time of stock to 2 weeks.

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