Fiber Optic Position Sensor Extends Resolution

MR330 series fiber optic absolute position sensor

To support angular-position measurements in MRI and other hazardous applications, the established MR330 series fiber optic absolute position sensor now features a 14-bit single-turn resolution. Rotary sensors are available in two models: standard MR332 and MRI-safe MR338. The absolute rotary encoder measures absolute angular position from 0° to 360° via programmable 13-bit (8,192 count) or 14-bit (13,950 count) resolution at speeds exceeding 2,500 rpm. System firmware also tracks turns up to 12-bits (4,096 revolutions). The controller features multiple built-in interfaces: SSI, USB, RS485 Serial, Modbus RTU, two analog outputs (4 mA to 20 mA and ±10V), and two digital set points. A datasheet is available at  

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