Fiber Optic Cable Connector Cleaver Eliminates Epoxy

Fiber Optic Cable Connector Cleaver Eliminates Epoxy

The fibersect fiber-optical cable connector cleaver quickly cuts off the epoxy from the face of all MT ferrules (4, 8, 12, 16, 24, 48, and 72 fibers) during MTP/MPO connector processing. This results in a flat cut very close to the ferrule face, presenting an ideal surface for polishing and thereby improving end face geometry. There are improvements throughput and first pass yield by eliminating manual steps and minimizing polishing, resulting in significant savings in production. Adapters can be switched to cut either 0° (flat) or 8° angled MT ferrules and other adapters are available to cut all single fiber ferrules and connectors. For more details, visit

Fiber Optic Center Inc.
New Bedford, MA
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