Fiber-Optic Absolute Position Sensor from Micronor

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The Model MR330 Series from Micronor, Newbury Park, CA, is an absolute fiber-optic position sensor that is immune to EMI and is not affected by ground loop problems. A duplex fiber-optic link connects a passive sensor and an active controller. Light emitted from the controller is transmitted to the code disk in the sensor where it is modulated based on angular position. Position information is imprinted into the light and guided back to the controller. Absolute angular measurement range is 0°–360° with 13-bit resolution at speeds exceeded 2500 rpm. Applications include oil rigs, satellite antennas, solar panel arrays, transportation systems, and medical instrumentation.

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Company: Micronor
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 805-499-0114
Fax: 805-499-6585

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