Fetch Robotics Expands Line of Autonomous Mobile Robots

Fetch Robotics introduces two new Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to its fleet: Freight500 and Freight1500. Both new robots, like the Freight predecessor, operate safely in commercial and industrial environments where they are deployed to automate the delivery of bulky and heavy loads.

AMRs from Fetch Robotics work alongside warehouse workers safely and efficiently. They are packed with sensors and powerful onboard computers that help them to understand the operating environment. Rather than being restricted to fixed routes, the line of Freight AMRs can instead navigate dynamically using a map, allowing them to plan their own paths to travel quickly and efficiently anywhere they need to go. AMRs from Fetch are also smart enough to recognize and react to people, cars, forklifts, and other things in the warehouse. They can also safely continue doing their jobs no matter how busy the surrounding environment.

With the addition of Freight500 and Freight1500, Fetch can now offer its industrial warehouse and logistics customers solutions at every level of material transport. As the big brother to Freight, Freight500 has been designed to move substantial loads yet still be able to fit through doorways and areas that are commonly traversed by people. For even bigger hauls, Freight1500 can support up to 3300 lbs. Freight1500 is the perfect robot for moving standard sized pallets as well as much bulkier cargo.

                   Freight      Freight500     Freight1500
Weight        150 lbs       588 lbs          1034 lbs
Height         14 inches   14 inches       14 inches
Payload       220 lbs      1100 lbs         3300 lbs

Features include:
• Ultra low profile to provide maximum load clearance overhead
• Fast charging battery; 90% within 1 hr (3-phase power required)
• Up to 9 hours of nominal continuous runtime
• Integrated 3D camera and front and back LiDAR for best-in-class obstacle avoidance
• 360-degree LED strip for "anywhere" visibility
• Front-mounted RGB camera for custom imaging applications
• Maximum serviceability with removable skins
• Accessible DIN rail box to enable future features and functionality
• Available charge dock for autonomous charging

The new robots come armed with Fetchcore, cloud-based management software that puts managers in control of their robot fleet. Warehouse operations can easily create and schedule workflows by adding stations, preferred routes, speed maps, and keep-out zones. The intuitive Fetchcore interface allows customers to quickly modify existing tasks and schedules as workflows or warehouse environments change.

To see an example of the Freight500 in action, watch a video at https://vimeo.com/209954827/686b996707

For more information, visit http://www.fetchrobotics.com

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