FBG Interrogator from FiberSensing

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FiberSensing, Sistemas Avançados de Monitorizacão, SA

The FS2100XT and FS2200XT extended-range BraggMETER from FiberSensing, Sistemas Avançados de Monitorizacão, SA, Maia, Portugal, are low-power measurement units designed to interrogate Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors in severe environmental conditions. Both use continuous swept-laser scanning to measure the absolute Bragg wavelength and include a NIST-traceable reference for continuous calibration. The single-channel FS2100XT and quad-channel FS2200XT have an RTOS, Ethernet interface, and an IP65 rating. Operating range is 60 nm (1520–1580 nm), resolution is 0.2 pm, absolute accuracy is 2.0 pm, sample rate is 1 sps, dynamic range is 40 dB, and the max. number of sensors/fiber is 15. Applications include oil and gas.

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Company: FiberSensing, Sistemas Avançados de Monitorizacão, SA
Country: Portugal
Phone number: +351 229-613-010
Fax: +351 229-613-020

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