Fatigue-Rated Load Cell from Futek

Fatigue-Rated Load Cell from Futek
FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology Inc.

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology Inc., Irvine, CA, offers the LCF556, a fatigue-rated version of its LCF550 pancake load cell with a 2.0 mV/V output. Suited for inline applications on actuators or threaded assemblies, the sensors are available in capacities from 5000 lb. to 50,000 lb. Most sensors use a SS structure for use in harsh environments. Options include amplification and standard and metric threading. NIST traceable calibration certificates are available.

Contact Info

Company: FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-233-8835/949-465-0900
Fax: 949-465-0905

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