Fanless Modular Power Supply Delivers 600W Output Using Convection Cooling Only

CORK, Ireland -- Excelsys Technologies announces the CoolX600 Series of convection-cooled modular power supplies — delivering 600W of output power without using fan-assisted cooling. As the only 600W fanless modular power supply on the market, the CoolX600 Series offers system designers best-in-class conversion efficiencies (up to 94%) and exceptional reliability. The series is offered in an ultra-compact 8.5 x 4.5 x 1U package with Excelsys' five-year warranty and medical industrial certifications. The completely user-field-configurable CoolX600 Series allows customers to configure and reconfigure without voiding warranty or affecting safety.

Designed to meet both medical and industrial global safety specifications at 5000 meters altitude, the series can exceed 93% efficiency even in harsh, remote applications subject to input voltage line surge disturbances of up to 300VAC. In addition to achieving 600W output with fanless natural convection cooling at up to 40C ambient with no derating, it enhances thermal performance using system fans or external conduction cooling. This increases system lifetimes typically 25% longer than competitors. High-input surge protection of 4KV and reverse energy protection is provided without using blocking diodes, and a 25W standby power output effectively provides another output.

The CoolX600 Series features <300uA leakage current and full safety certifications to UL/EN60950, UL/EN60601 and IEC60601-1-2 4th edition (EMC). It allows for analog and digital management with PMBus monitoring and control capability and are user-field-configurable with plug-and-play modules. All outputs are isolated and may be connected in series or parallel to achieve higher output voltages or currents. Mounting options include base, side and DIN-rail alternatives.

Price: $290.00 – Base price in OEM quantities

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