Kansas City, MO – Fairbanks Scales Inc. announces updates to the FB2550 Advanced Scale Instrument software that simplify operation for end users by providing the ability to select and clear all incomplete transactions, and by enhancing the existing email error notification system, such that it detects when a load cell may be at fault on the scale. With these new features, the option for individual deletion of incomplete transactions is still present, giving end users greater flexibility overall. In addition, if the scale in running in the Fairbanks Intalogix™ configuration, the enhanced email error notification system will detect the specific load cell at fault when issues arise and email this information to the end user.

Other new features available in the software’s most recent update include the ability to print a load cell diagnostics report, and to update existing tare weights. The software revision also adds the Epson TM-U220 to the list of printers usable with the instruments and software.

Additionally, the most recent revision to the FB2550 software allows for more flexible use of the traffic light in Summing Mode and a faster response from traffic lights when networked. The software update also enables increased diagnostics regarding load cell failure through email notification, thus simplifying maintenance. Finally, the newest version of the software delivers secure video capture when a blind counter is enabled, thus preventing operators from accidentally switching video capture off.

The newest version of the software also enables access to the full service menu via the instrument’s web interface. The web interface can be accessed from any laptop or tablet connected to the user’s FB2550 instrument. This new feature dramatically simplifies configuration, calibration, and preventive maintenance by technicians, particularly in applications with purged enclosures or hard-to-access installation mounting.

The FB2550 Driver Assist Terminal features a full-color touch screen, large text and numeric keys, as well as simple-to-understand prompts to facilitate and speed operation, allowing for an increase in scale throughput and overall efficiency.

To request more information, call (800) 451-4107 or visit http://www.fairbanks.com

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