Facilities Management Goes Wireless

TULSA, OK /PRNewswire/ -- Excel Energy Technologies, Ltd., a leading developer and provider of wireless facilities management systems and services for multi-site retail and restaurant businesses, announced the latest release of its patented Facilities Management System (FMS) based on the industry-standard Zigbee wireless communication protocol. Excel's latest FMS version continues a tradition of innovation by the company begun 20 years ago to provide chain operators with a system-wide, around-the-clock capability to monitor and control the energy environments of individual sites. Excel's FMS technology optimizes energy consumption and ensures more consistent operating environments at a lower cost.

"After extensive testing by several regional and national multi-site operators, we are pleased to report that Excel's latest version FMS clearly provides a compelling value proposition for multi-site businesses," said Brad Karp, president of Excel Energy Technologies.

Excel's FMS technology uses a wireless backbone to collect data from, integrate, monitor and control virtually any electrical or mechanical device—from HVAC systems, sprinklers and lighting, to hot water, refrigeration and beer systems. The extensive data collection, analysis, reporting and charting features of Excel's FMS enable chain operators to better monitor, manage and control equipment and store performance and energy use, and make possible the timely delivery of time-sensitive alarms to designated parties within the organization or to third-party maintenance providers.

Immediate benefits include reduced energy consumption, lower maintenance and repair costs, longer equipment life, minimized operating disruptions, and a more consistent customer environment.

Excel's FMS can be installed in less than one day with no interruption of store operations. Web connectivity to each store can be implemented via the customer's Internet facilities or through Excel's virtual private network. Chain operators can select and integrate facility assets that are most critical to their operations and profitability. Adding connectivity to other mechanical devices or lighting circuits is easy and cost effective.

About Excel Energy Technologies, Ltd.
Excel Energy Technologies is a leading developer and provider of wireless facility management systems and services for retail and restaurant businesses operating 100-plus sites. Based in Tulsa, Okla., Excel has provided building automation control systems and services since 1992. The company offers its patented facility management systems (FMS) through traditional purchase and service agreements or through an innovative fee-based option. For more about Excel Energy Technologies, visit our Web site.

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