Eye Trackers Advance Behavioral Research

Tobii Pro announces the of a 1200 Hz edition of its Tobii Pro Spectrum eye tracker. Researchers in psycholinguistics, psychology, vision, ophthalmology and the human brain will benefit from the unique combination of millisecond accuracy, robust trackability, a large head box and a sampling frequency of 1200 Hz that is double the capacity of the previous model.


The average saccade (when the eye moves from one point to another) is 40 milliseconds and to study these very fast eye movements the resolution in the eye tracking data is key. Tobii Pro Spectrum delivers a high sampling rate while still maintaining the highest standard in data quality. The increased granularity of the eye tracking data will help researchers achieve a greater understanding of the behaviors exhibited by people with psychiatric disorders or brain damage. It opens the door for advances in research of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease, where degeneration of nerves in the brain starts to affect eye movement very subtly at an early stage.

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For researchers studying the brain and its functions, it is also common to combine eye tracking with other physiological measurements, to understand the connection between what we see and how we react, based on the information we process. Tobii Pro Spectrum can very precisely be synchronized with high frequency sensors from EEG (brain activity).


As with all Tobii Pro eye trackers, Pro Spectrum 1200 incorporates the company’s 3D model of the human eye and sophisticated image processing to calculate with high precision where the person being eye tracked is looking. This ensures tracking quality even when conditions change, such as when participants adjust their heads or fully turn away from the cameras. Even with the large increase in sampling frequency, Pro Spectrum 1200 will automatically pick up the location of the eye and continue tracking without any extra calibration. All editions of Pro Spectrum demonstrate extremely robust tracking capabilities, regardless of ethnicity, age or corrective lenses.


The new edition of Pro Spectrum collects gaze data at up to 1200 Hz through two eye tracking cameras each capturing 1200 images per second from both eyes. Pro Spectrum 1200 joins previous editions that eye track at 150 Hz, 300 Hz and 600 Hz. The series has the maximum level of flexibility to meet the different needs within academic research and the new edition will be available at the beginning of 2018.


For more eyefuls, you can watch a video about Tobii Pro Spectrum and another video on Tobii Pro. For more insights, contact Tobii.

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