Extended-Bandwidth Vibration Sensors from Colibrys

Extended-Bandwidth Vibration Sensors from Colibrys

Colibrys Ltd., Neuchâtel, Switzerland, offers the VS9000 extended-bandwidth capacitive vibration sensors that can replace piezoresistive sensors in health and usage monitoring, aeronautics, railway technologies, and automotive crash testing. The sensors are available with measuring ranges from ±2 g to ±2000 g and offer a constant frequency response up to 2 kHz. The open-loop sensor provides good bias stability for high bandwidth and is supplied in an LCC20 package. (International: +39 348-950-1305, fax +41 32-720-5784, [email protected])

Contact Info

Company: Colibrys
Country: Switzerland
Phone number: +41 32-720-58-11
Fax: +41 32-720-57-84

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