Explosionproof Hollowshaft Encoder from BEI

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BEI Sensors

The Model HS52 from BEI Sensors, Goleta, CA, is a UL- and ATEX-rated explosionproof hollowshaft industrial encoder. Capable of operating directly in Div. 1 and Zone 1 environments, the rugged encoder does not require an accompanying Intrinsic Safety barrier. The encoder's enclosure can withstand and contain an internal explosion of the most volatile gas-to-air mixture. The device's flexible shaft bore design lets you rigidly mount the housing, preventing stress to encoder bearings and providing a more secure attachment for hazardous area conduit fittings. Applications include the oil and gas industries, solvent refining operations, spray painting, and explosive environments where space is limited and operating conditions are extreme.

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Company: BEI Sensors
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-350-2727
Fax: 805-968-3154

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