EXFO Releases New Version of TravelHawk Pro with Unmatched 30 Gbit/s Data Rate

QUEBEC CITY - EXFO Inc. releases a new version of TravelHawk Pro, the world-leading portable live LTE troubleshooting tool.

TravelHawk Pro is a portable live network troubleshooting tool for next-generation mobile networks. The revamped TravelHawk Pro can now capture up to 30 Gbit/s data without dropping any packets. It offers end-to-end user-plane and control-plane data analytics at a rate of over 10 million busy hour call attempts (BHCA). This performance, combined with graphical reports and ease of use, helps mobile network operators (MNOs) dramatically improve network quality and substantially decrease the average mean time to repair (MTTR) from days to hours.

The TravelHawk Pro is the highest performing portable LTE troubleshooting tool on the market and has been well-received by tier-1 LTE mobile operators. "Indeed, 30 Gbit/s of sustained capturing is a requirement—even for portable troubleshooting tools—to analyze all live network data in peak situations", said Étienne Gagnon, Vice-President, Physical-Layer and Wireless Division. "EXFO is providing constant upgrades to match ever-increasing performance requirements. It clearly shows our leadership in portable troubleshooting and covers the needs of all tier-1 LTE operators."

TravelHawk Pro boasts a variety of compelling features that the next generation of discerning LTE network operators require:

•Shorter mean time to repair thanks to easy-to-use, high-performance live network capturing and analysis, and comprehensive end-to-end analytics
•Data capture at up to 30 Gbit/s
•Analysis of millions of LTE and PS Core control-plane and user-plane sessions per hour
•Comprehensive support of end-to-end views for mobile networks
•Detailed and automatic IP application detection
•Comprehensive VoLTE analysis including correlated LTE control-plane, SIP, RTP and QoS (MOS/R-factor) analysis and voice playback

For more information, visit http://www.exfo.com/products/rdmanufacturing-testing/bu1-wireless-network-performance/network-analysis/travelhawk-pro 

WEBSITE: http://www.exfo.com 

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