Exergen Global, the World's Leading Non-contact Infrared Sensor Solution Provider, Named Frost & Sullivan 2015 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Based on its recent analysis of the non-contact infrared (IR) temperature sensors market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Exergen Global BV (Exergen) with the 2015 Global Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award. Exergen has combined its expertise in mechanical engineering with its in-depth knowledge of thermal management to develop truly comprehensive solutions, rather than products that are simply "technologically advanced." Instead of manufacturing off-the-shelf IR temperature sensors, Exergen's customized solutions perfectly match each original equipment manufacturers' (OEMs') unique production requirements to provide a best-in-class customer experience.

"Exergen has leveraged two decades of experience to develop its exclusive Sensoranics™ Methodology, which assists OEMs in speeding up their production processes as much as an estimated 30 percent while adhering to quality standards. It achieves this by employing a core equation that helps continuously monitor the temperatures of dynamic processes," said Frost & Sullivan Industry Principal Dr. Rajender Thusu. "Exergen has introduced several mechanical add-ons to its product portfolio to avoid reflection and radiation entering the infrared sensor and altering the direction of infrared waves. Exergen's sensors are reliable and highly accurate, regardless of environmental impediments."

"We are honored and proud to be the recipients of this prestigious award from Frost & Sullivan," said Bart van Liempd, CEO of Exergen Global. "This accolade validates our hard work, innovations and commitment to providing our clients with custom solutions for the industry's toughest and often unique thermal management challenges."

Exergen Delivers Numerous Firsts in Sensor Industry

Exergen currently holds more than 75 patents in the field of non-contact IR temperature sensors. It has produced the world's first National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-certified IR temperature sensor that achieves zero signal drift while delivering accuracy of 0.02 percent, high repeatability, and 0.0001 degree Celsius resolution. Its product portfolio also boasts several of the world's first unpowered temperature sensors, including the IRt/c and micro IRt/c family of sensors. With a mean time between failures (MTBF) of a thousand years, the company's non-contact IR temperature sensors provide superior performance and reliability that is unmatched globally.

Exergen's unique approach to conceptualizing and developing custom sensor solutions is perhaps best demonstrated in its Double Shrouded Reflective Cone (DSRC) and its Clean Micro Air-Purge Sensor designs. The DSRC sensor solution is compatible with all classes of IRt/c sensors and prohibits emissivity changes by preventing ambient radiation from reflecting off of a material's surface. The Clean Micro Air-Purge Jacket features a miniature-sized lens and efficient jacket design, allowing users to clean the lens' surface with as little as 0.06 CFM of air. It is ideal for use with very small IR sensors, such as the micro IRt/c and micro IRt/c.4, and is most often employed in manufacturing applications that require constant process temperature monitoring and in which lens contamination risk is high.

Exergen's micro IRt/c is the industry's smallest non-contact IR temperature sensor (0.24-inch diameter by 0.79 inches long) and can easily be mounted in very tight or small areas, where most standard sensors can't fit. A patented heat balance equation for non-contact internal temperature monitoring, developed by Dr. Frank Pompei, CEO and founder of Exergen, is responsible for many of micro IRt/c's unique features, such as its self-powered, no-drift design.

Customers Come First

In order to ensure that its customers are 100 percent satisfied with the custom solutions it develops for them, Exergen charges customers only when it has successfully developed a customized IRt/c sensor solution that matches their unique needs. Exergen commits to providing every current and prospective customer with free access to its proprietary technologies, vast knowledge bank, and expertise in thermal management, confident that the time and knowledge it has invested in the process will be realized when it develops the ideal solution.

"In addition to offering custom solution development, Exergen also provides cutting-edge product testing and verification (sensor calibration and sensor performance verification) to determine if its solutions are ready for real-world deployment," noted Thusu.

Exergen's practice of conducting an annual survey of its customers has helped it fine tune its customer support offerings, which include training available through interactive modules. Its customer service centers help customers diagnose any problem, and, unlike many sensor manufacturing companies, its customer service executives are available 24/7, throughout the year.

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