WATERTOWN, MA and ZIJTAART, the Netherlands - Exergen Global announces that its DX501 handheld infrared scanner played an integral role in helping TeamShepherd win the Championship in the Swiss, Italian and Spanish 1/8th scale remote control car races this September, and the European Championship in August. Team Shepherd drivers use the DX501 to maintain optimal fuel consumption and engine temperatures in all their race cars, and attribute their successes at premier races to the DX501.

The DX501’s handheld form factor and size makes it ideally suited to measure a micro car’s engine temperature, a critical step in ensuring peak performance and safety. Cold car engines will consume excessive amounts of fuel; if the engine is too hot, the spark plugs or pistons may be damaged and the engine may even seize. The process of breaking-in a new race car engine -- crucial for the lifetime and overall performance of the engine -- is also heavily reliant on accurate temperature measurement.

“Exergen’s DX501 handheld scanners were a key to winning the 1/8th scale remote control Championship titles against some of the best drivers in the world,” said Patrick Schäfer, CEO of Team Shepherd Micro Racing and an enthusiastic racer. “Exergen’s scanners are the only devices we have found on the market today that deliver reliable and consistent measurement results – all the others were inconsistent.”

“Exergen’s DX501 scanners can help users in all types of industries become ‘winners’, just as they have for Team Shepherd,” said Bart van Liempd, CEO of Exergen Global. “The scanner’s unmatched accuracy, and handheld, non-contact form factor make it the ideal temperature measurement device for electronics, HVAC, fire safety, factory automation processes and many otherapplications.”

About the Exergen DX-Series Scanners

Exergen’s DX-Series family of handheld certified infrared scanners, which includes the DX501 and DX501 RS, are designed to deliver the industry’s best possible temperature measurement accuracy. The scanners are the only infrared instruments that can be certified with NIST-traceable accuracy on real surfaces of unknown emissivity, and are completely free of the contact, friction heating, time-based and heat sinking errors common in contact devices.

The DX-Series non-contact scanners measure surface temperature in a fraction of a second, while contact probes (thermocouples, RTD’s, thermistors, etc.) require several minutes to achieve equilibrium. The DX-Series is free of any emissivity errors, emissivity shift errors or background reflection errors. The devices do not require any calibration or user adjustments, and have aninterchangeability rate of ±1%, resolution of 0.1°C and unmatched repeatability of 0.1°C.

About Shepherd Micro Racing

German-based Shepherd Micro Racing is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality radio controlled model cars and accessories. Since its establishment in the model car industry in 1998, numerous European Championship titles and many national titles have been won by Team Shepherddrivers.

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