Excelitas Unveils Potpourri Of Photonics Wizardry

Excelitas Technologieswill be presenting an austere array of high-performance photonics technologies at SPIE Photonics West. The company will also deliver a presentation titles “Design Considerations for Highly Effective Fluorescence Excitation and Detection Optical Systems for Molecular Diagnostics” in the BIOS Hyperspectral Imaging Session on January 27th from 5:30 to 5:50 p.m. At the Excelitas booth (#1031) you will be able to see the following innovations.


APOLED Single-channel Chip-on Board: The APOLED customizable single-chip LED package for surgical and dental lighting allows customers to select a specific white color temperature while achieving high color rendering index (CRI) for improved visualization of tissue during surgery.

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 C30737MH Series Surface Mount Silicon Avalanche Photodiode (APD): Featuring a robust, compact package in standard or custom configurations to meet customer requirements, the C30737MH APD is designed for high-volume, high-performance, cost-sensitive product designs that require maximal range at consumer price points. Available in 230μm and 500μm active area sizes, C30737MH APDs offer high responsivity from 500nm to 1000nm, extremely fast rise times and cut-off frequency >1 GHz for precision laser applications.

NEW Rotatable (RO) Faraday Isolator: Designed to protect lasers and laser oscillators from back reflection, Rotatable Faraday Isolators help ensure stable operation and prevent optical damage. Ideal for industrial, medical and scientific applications, the new Faraday isolator combines compact design, high optical isolation (typically ≥38dB over the entire wavelength range) and easy adjustment according to the linear polarization orientation of the laser.

 NEW Medium-Power Faraday Isolator Series: XP-Series Medium-Power Faraday Isolators combine typical maximum optical isolation of ≥30dB with the lowest impact on beam properties. The series’ innovative design is based on a new high-end, low-absorption magneto-optical material that ensures superior optical isolation and very stable laser beam properties. Its compact design allows easy integration into laser systems or optical setups for material processing applications such as marking, cutting and welding.

Closed-Loop Modulation (CLM) for the iFLEX-iRIS and iFLEX-Gemini Laser Systems: The CLM feature allows Continuous-Wave (CW), as well as analog, digital and dual-mode modulation capabilities with ultra-low periodic noise and high-power stability performance over the laser lifetime – making it ideal for biomedical imaging and metrology applications requiring repeatable performance and low signal-to-noise ratio. Unlike traditional open loop laser modulation, there is no need for recalibration.


X-Cite FIRE Fluorescence Microscopy: X-Cite FIRE light source for fluorescence microscopy offers a rich, broad spectrum output from 360-750nm, for exciting an extended range of fluorophores with the advantages and simplicity of using LEDs. From one end of the spectrum to the other, FIRE’s improved LED coverage provides a closer match to mercury arc lamp output – making it ideal for both compound and stereomicroscopes.

For more information, visit Excelitas Technologies.


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