Excelitas Technologies’ New Silicon PIN Quadrant Detector Extends Options for Munition Guidance Applications

BALTIMORE, MD – Excelitas Technologies Corp. announces the availability of YAG-555-4AH, the newest addition to its YAG family of 1064nm enhanced Silicon PIN Quadrant Detectors. The new Quadrant Detector features greater responsivity for the 1064nm wavelength and has a wide dynamic range with minimal (less than 1 percent) cross-talk between quadrants. As a result, the new detectors provide OEMs with the added benefit of improved signal-to-noise ratio for greater ranging distance. Also, the accuracy of the overall guidance system is increased since the entire surface of the YAG 555-4AH responds to light and there are no dead zones between quadrants.

Excelitas’ latest Quadrant Detector features a 14mm diameter and provides defense OEMs and prime contractors with an additional option for precise beam positioning in laser spot tracking and munition guidance. In addition, the Silicon PIN Quadrant Detectors, the YAG-555-4AH operates in extreme temperature environments, making it ideal for demanding defense operations.

“Excelitas has listened to the defense industry’s needs and the development of this new 14mm PIN Quadrant Detector option demonstrates our ability to deliver technologically advanced products for demanding situations,” said Doug Benner, Executive Vice President, Defense and Aerospace, Excelitas Technologies. “Whether through commercial off-the-shelf or custom-built products, we are unwavering in our commitment to providing our defense customers with a wide range of solutions including laser seeker optics, laser detection sensors and other munitions technologies.”

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