Exar Showcases Force Sensing Technology Solutions at Sensors Expo 2016

FREMONT, CA -- Exar Corporation will showcase its Force Sensing Technology at Sensors Expo and Conference 2016, June 22-23 in San Jose, California - Booth 1223. This technology allows Exar to offer complete sensor module solutions that enable force touch on any surface in both industrial and high-end consumer applications.

Exar's force sensing technology enables force touch on metal, plastic or glass surfaces. It responds to touch from finger, glove or stylus and provides the ability to measure degrees of force on each touch area allowing more flexibility than traditional touch sensing technologies. Its ease of use and flat surface profile allow for aesthetically pleasing, rugged, water tight designs.

Exar will demonstrate several sensor module solutions that provide reliable force touch without surface degradation. Some of the many demonstrations on display at the booth include:
•Water tight, rugged keypads for ATM and POS applications that sense both hard and soft touch
•Rugged, watertight button replacement on metal and plastic for industrial applications such as gas pumps, range hoods and door access panels
•Smartphone with no side keys and simple border design
•Force touch-enabled smartphone

For more information, visit http://www.exar.com

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