EVK Eases development Of IoT Multi-Protocol Systems

EVK Eases development Of IoT Multi-Protocol Systems

The FT 6000 evaluation and development kit (EVK) targets developers creating, testing, and deploying devices and control applications for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It packages the essential elements of the company’s IzoT platform into an easy-to-use kit for those creating wired devices using the ISO 14908-compatible Free Topology (FT) technology. The IzoT platform is an IP-enabled family of chips, stacks, interfaces and management software that enables the development of devices, peer-to-peer device communities and software applications for the IoT. The FT 6000 EVK includes two evaluation boards with FT 6050 SoCs, a comprehensive set of inputs and outputs (I/O), and simple sensors and actuators for prototyping the IIoT device and device community. Shipping in Q2 2014, list price is $895.

Echelon Corp.
San Jose, CA
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