Evigia Completes Trials for DoD's RFID III Requisition

ANN ARBOR, MI /PRNewswire/ -- Evigia Systems, a provider of highly-integrated Radio Frequency Identification "RFID" solutions, announced completion of a set of product trials in response to Department of Defense's upcoming Supply Chain Visibility product requisition, also known as RFID III.

"This is an important first step for our entering this federal market, which previously represented up to $425 million in RFID II," said Karl Ma, VP Sales & Marketing at Evigia Systems. "We are fully committed to supporting DoD's call for product diversification, and increased competition in this 18000-7 segment and will resource the company to get the job done right. Additional to successfully delivering the technical specifications within this trial, our access to the necessary engineering, funding, and other fulfillment resources puts us in a very competitive position for this upcoming requisition."

By integrating various types of sensors directly onto integrated circuits, Evigia provides increasingly functional yet low cost sensing systems to the management of logistical supply chains via the RFID marketplace. The resulting decrease in power consumption, smaller form factor, and consequent lower product cost are what differentiates this company.

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