The European Smart Sensor Market Expected To Hit $2,408.2 million by 2018

Smart sensors are among those sensors which come with smart concept. It enables the sensor to stand alone with the processing power normally associated with much larger data acquisition systems. It allows measurement, storage and processing of raw data on multiple channels within a compact, rugged and technically advanced recording unit. Smart sensors also have the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. A Smart sensor utilizes multiple sensing technologies and processing techniques together in a package which is tailored for various environments. It can transmit more information to the users than the simple and traditional sensors.

Europe is one of the most technologically advanced application market, it is mainly focusing on interdisciplinary research to produce reliable and intelligent sensors that can be used in various applications. Due to relatively large size of aerospace & defense and automotive application, Europe holds a leadership position in smart sensor market. The major countries contributing to the level sensor market in North America include the U.K., Germany, France, and Italy.

Novotechnik Messwertaufnehmer Ohg (Germany), Photonics BW e.V. (U.K.), Sensirion Ag (Switzerland), Siemens AG (Germany), ST Microelectronics N.V. (Switzerland) are some of the major players offering smart sensors in Europe.

This market is segmented and forecast based on technologies, components, types, and application. The technology segment of this market comprises Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor (CMOS) Image Sensor, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), and Spectroscopy. On the basis of components market is segmented into Amplifier, Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), Micro controller, Transceivers, and other Components. On the basis of types, market is segmented into Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, Flow Sensor, Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) Sensor, PH Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Touch sensor, Turbidity Sensor, and Other Types. In addition, the market is further segmented and forecast based on applications, namely Aerospace, Automotive, Bio medical, Building Automation, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Automation applications, and other Applications.

This report includes market share and value chain analyses, along with market metrics such as drivers & restraints. In addition, it presents a competitive landscape and company profiles of the key players in this market.

A sensor with an interfacing circuit forms a smart sensor which is capable of making decision, logic function, two way communications and so on. The major benefits offered by a smart sensor are high reliability, minimal cost, high performance, and scalability. The major challenge associated with the smart sensor is the pre-defined embedded functions have to be provided during designing of smart sensors. These are used in various applications like aerospace & defense, automotive, bio medical, industrial automation, building automation, consumer electronics and so on. It measure brightness, acceleration, temperature, humidity, material property and so on. Due to the flexibility and miniaturization, smart sensors are now integrating in almost all such as automotive products, consumer electronics products, wearable devices and so on.

Browse through the TOC of the European Smart Sensor Market report, to get an idea of the in-depth analysis provided. This also provides a glimpse of the segmentation of the market, and is supported by various tables and figures.  

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