EU Signs Off on Corventis’ AVIVO

SAN JOSE, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Corventis Inc., a developer of wireless solutions designed to enable early detection, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular conditions, announced CE marking for the company's AVIVO Mobile Patient Management System. Physicians and patients in the European Union and other countries that accept the CE mark now have access to the company's noninvasive, wireless solution to evaluate physiological changes and monitor signs of cardiac irregularities in patients away from the hospital.

The AVIVO Mobile Patient Management System was designed to provide focused insight into the cardiac health status of patients, such as those suffering from heart failure, by combining the patient-friendly PiiX wearable sensor with advanced computational algorithms, global wireless capabilities, and a comprehensive Web-based infrastructure. Physiological trends—including heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, fluid status, activity, and posture—are captured and automatically transmitted for personalized review by healthcare professionals. Physicians are also provided actionable information when an irregularity in the patient's cardiac rhythm occurs, helping to further diagnose potential health risks remotely from anywhere across the globe.

"Corventis is advancing healthcare worldwide, and the CE mark for the AVIVO Mobile Patient Management System is one additional milestone in our efforts to deliver on this promise," said Ed Manicka, PhD, President, and CEO of Corventis. "With both FDA clearance and CE marking, we are able to bring the future of wireless cardiovascular medicine to even more physicians and their patients around the world."

According to the European Society of Cardiology, over 15 million patients are suffering with heart failure in Europe. It is estimated that the condition is responsible for approximately 5% of all acute medical admissions in the region as well.

About Corventis Technology
Corventis develops wireless cardiovascular solutions that promise to improve clinical outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

The company's PiiX wearable sensor enables continuous monitoring for ambulatory patients, providing clinicians with insight into patient cardiovascular health during normal daily routines. The PiiX sensor automatically collects physiological information and wirelessly transmits the data from the patient to Corventis for further analysis and presentation on a secure Web site.

With no cumbersome leads and wires, the patient-friendly design of PiiX encourages continuous wear, even while showering or sleeping. Fully automated collection and transmission of data also minimizes the number of steps required by the patient to ensure reliable event detection.

For physicians, Corventis wireless technology offers ongoing visibility into a patient's cardiac health status, previously accessible with invasive implantable devices. Multiple sensors on the PiiX enable intelligent detection of clinical events and the creation of comprehensive heart rate, respiratory rate, fluid status, posture, and activity trends. Clinical event information such as ECG is captured on an exception basis, enabling focused review and diagnosis by clinicians.

About Corventis
Corventis Inc. is a pioneer in wireless cardiovascular solutions. The company's technology enables global personalized patient care by providing clinicians with actionable diagnoses for early detection, prevention, and treatment. Corventis is funded by prominent venture capital firms Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, Mohr Davidow Ventures, and DAG Ventures. Privately held, the company is located in San Jose, CA.

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