Ethernet Radio from Phoenix Contact

Ethernet Radio from Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact

The RAD-80211-XD-BUS from Phoenix Contact, Harrisburg, PA, is a wireless Ethernet radio with modular I/O and firmware capabilities. Features include the ability to interface up to 64 digital, analog, or pulse I/O directly to the radio; individual I/O module fault response modes; multiple wireless communications streams for simultaneous Ethernet, I/O control, and serial ASCII communications; and the ability to address I/O modules via Modbus TCP or legacy serial Modbus RTU over the 802.11 network. The radio includes the 2.4.1 firmware revision which adds enhanced serial ASCII com server functionality, expanded RS-232/485 data rates, and link monitoring diagnostics.

Contact Info

Company: Phoenix Contact
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-322-3225

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