Etegent Technologies Awarded Two Navy Research Contracts

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire -) -- Etegent Technologies Ltd., formerly SDL, a high-tech, research and development company, announced that it has been awarded two Phase I SBIR research contracts from the Naval Air Warfare Center in Patuxent River, MD. The projects include the development of low cost, dual-purpose, control and diagnostic sensors for aircraft turbine engines and the development of robust pressure transducers for aircraft turbine engine control systems. In addition to the two new contracts, Etegent is also currently working on three additional SBIR projects with the U.S. Navy, including a Phase II SBIR contract focused on the development of an automated tool for reporting aircraft damage and queuing and screening repairs.

For the diagnostic sensors project, Etegent will demonstrate the feasibility of a new sensor suite concept that can sense pressure, temperature and vibration in an aircraft turbine engine, and incorporate self diagnosis/performance verification and IEEE 1451.4 Standard for Transducer Electronic Data Sheets capability. This project is supported by the Joint Strike Fighter and PMA-0261, H-53 Heavy Lift Helicopter programs.

As part of the transducers project, Etegent will leverage its existing sensor technology to develop robust pressure sensors that can operate reliably in extremely harsh environments such as a turbine engine combustor. The new sensor technology is expected to improve the capability of military and commercial monitoring and control systems.

"Each SBIR project presents a great opportunity to demonstrate the depth of our capabilities and flexibility of our technology," said Dr. Stuart J. Shelley, principal and co-founder of Etegent Technologies. "The fact that we were awarded these new contracts is a compliment to our team, and we appreciate the confidence that the U.S. Navy has in our company. The new technology to emerge from these projects will undoubtedly help to improve the aircraft engines used by our military and the commercial aviation industry."

About Etegent Technologies
Etegent Technologies, Ltd., formerly SDL, is a high-tech, R&D-focused company conducting state-of-the-art research in automatic target recognition utilizing radar, LADAR, image, vibrometry and other data types; health monitoring of turbine engines and other assets; non-destructive inspection data management and mining; mechatronic product development; and other areas. The company partners with leading companies, consultants and academics to form research teams that aid organizations across a variety of industries. Etegent's customers include the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, the U.S. Navy, Science Applications International Corporation, Ball Aerospace, Emerson Electric, Proctor and Gamble and many other government and commercial entities.


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