ET Solar Launches New Generation AC Modules in Japan

TOKYO -- ET Solar Group (ET Solar) has launched new generation AC Modules at PV Japan 2015. In cooperation with Northern Electric and Power (NEP), a company dedicated to providing state-of-the-art solar inverter products. ET Solar has developed new generation AC Modules that are fully integrated with the NEP's BDM-300 micro inverters. With only 25mm in thickness, this micro inverter is currently considered to be the thinnest product in its class around the world.

ET Solar's AC Module system offers up to 25% more power yield than conventional PV systems utilizing string or central inverters, minimizing system shading loss due to trees and other obstructions on or near residential and commercial roofs, while reducing up to 50% of the PV system design and installation cost.

"Japan added around 10GW of new PV capacity in 2014, making it the second largest PV market in the world, and we are fully confident of the market prospects and are devoted to providing superior solar products and service in Japan," Patrick Guo, Vice President of ET Solar, commented. "With NEP's cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading solar inverters, our new generation AC modules will play a very meaningful role in the Japanese PV market."

Dr. Jing Wang, CEO of NEP, said: "We are very excited to work with ET Solar. ET Solar is a global leading solar module manufacturer. Particularly, ET Solar is a pioneer and the largest AC module supplier of the past several years globally. ET Solar has gained a lot of precious experience on AC modules and has a lot of AC module customers. By working together, I believe that we can offer our customers in Japan top quality and the most secure products."

Mr. Nakamura, CEO of NEP Japan, said: "Japan's residential market is huge and still growing. Micro inverters do not have uninterrupted high DC voltage, while other inverters have uninterrupted high DC voltage on roofs all the time. Safety is always our first concern. NEP's micro inverter has been certified and can be sold throughout Japan. Together with ET Solar we can serve our customers better."

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