Established Weigh Module Boasts Higher Accuracy

Established Weigh Module Boasts Higher Accuracy
Mettler-Toledo LLC

The SWB505 MultiMount weigh module now comes with improved load-cell technology for higher accuracy than previous offerings. The scale has received OIML C6 and NTEP IIIM approvals for use in applications with a high-accuracy requirement. It is suitable for tank, silo, and conveyor weighing for capacities from 110 kg to 4,400 kg. Its application range has now been enlarged to higher accuracy requirements, with OIML C6 approvals that allow legal-for-trade weighing up to 6,000e, or in other words, 6,000 divisions for Europe. For the United States, it received an NTEP IIIM approval for legal-for-trade applications with a resolution of up to 10,000 divisions. For more details, visit

Mettler-Toledo LLC
Columbus, OH

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Company: Mettler-Toledo LLC
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