Established Inclinometer Series Trims Down

Established Inclinometer Series Trims Down
Jewell Instruments LLC

The company is reintroducing the LCF-300 inclinometer series to its force-balanced line. The series possesses the same specifications as the LSOX series, but with a smaller enclosure and an IP65 seal. It is available with connector and pin terminal versions as well as ±5 V, 0-5 V and 4-20 mA output options. This sensor is meant for users who need the precision of the LSOX, but do not require the larger and more rugged housing in order to save on space and costs. The small size and strong performance of the LCF-300 make it viable for OEM and industrial applications including geotech, oil and gas, riser tilt monitoring, railroad MOW equipment, pavement profiling rigs, vehicle wheel alignment, and robotics. Datasheets are available at

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