ESI to Monitor Alberta Oil Sands’ Air and Water Quality

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA /Marketwire/ -- ESI Environmental Sensors Inc. (ESI) announced the company has been awarded an initial contract valued at more than $120,000 for procurement and installation of an air quality and soil moisture monitoring tower for deployment in the Fort McMurray, (Wood Buffalo) Alberta area. Upon successful completion of the initial system, potential exists for the installation of up to 12 additional towers.

ESI was sub-contracted by the Jacques Whitford-AXYS Group for the procurement, installation, and commissioning for air quality and soil moisture monitoring towers that will be located in various strategic locations around the oil sands to monitor their environmental impact. In addition to Gro·Point soil moisture and temperature sensors, a variety of atmospheric sensors have been selected for placement at four different levels on the tower.

"ESI is very pleased to be a part of this important project, which links our major markets and helps to monitor environmental conditions and protect ecologically sensitive areas that play an important role in oil production," said David Porter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "The growing use of ESI's sensors by the oil industry and Alberta Government further supports our strategy to expand our market development initiatives and highlights the synergies that we continue to develop in our business."

About WBEA
From north central Alberta to the borders of Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (WBEA) covers 68,454 square kilometers, making it one of the largest municipalities in North America. WBEA is a dynamic collaboration of communities, environmental groups, industry, government, and aboriginal stakeholders. It's an integral component of Alberta environment regulatory compliance for member companies, and it operates in an area where the main industry is oil sands development. Stakeholders include the major Canadian oil companies, various levels of government, and the various local First Nations. A complete list of members can be found on the agency's Web site.

About Jacques Whitford
Jacques Whitford-AXYS is one of the premier environmental/geotechnical consulting firms in Canada and is part of the Jacques Whitford organization, an employee-owned company with more than 1400 staff in offices throughout Canada, the U.S., and internationally. In western Canada, Jacques Whitford-AXYS is poised to become the unrivalled market leader, providing consulting solutions across a broad range of disciplines and clients, managing challenging projects in the natural and built environments. Jacques Whitford-AXYS and its affiliated companies have approximately 500 staff located in offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Burnaby, Duncan, Sidney, Fort St. John, Regina, Winnipeg, Inuvik, Yellowknife, and Barbados.

About ESI
Environmental Sensors Inc. (ESI) is a leading manufacturer of patented and proprietary solutions for environments where understanding the presence, movement, and/or amount of water are important. Major market sectors include agriculture, golf and turf, scientific research, civil engineering, and crude oil. ESI solutions have been successfully introduced in more than 40 countries to enable customers to optimize their operations by monitoring the presence and movement of water, managing irrigation systems, and monitoring the integrity of landfill covers. Most recently, the Flo·Point instrument has been introduced to the oil industry to measure the volumetric presence of water pumped during crude oil extraction for characterization and optimization of the process. ESI differentiates itself by translating the best technology and science available into practical, easy-to-use solutions. Irrigation managers, reservoir engineers, and scientists have adopted ESI's products for their accuracy, ease of use, repeatability, and ability to operate in challenging environments.

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