Epoxy Has A Hard And Fast Cure

As per Epoxies, Etc., epoxy adhesives offer many advantages over traditional mechanical fasteners such as rivets, nuts and bolts, pins, or welding. But conventional two-part epoxies that offer excellent bonds can be slow curing. The Epoxies’ 10-3041 Toughened Epoxy Adhesive develops a 3,000-psi lap shear strength within four hours. Within a few minutes, the material is dry to the touch.


The 10-3041 epoxy adhesive bonds to a variety of plastics and metals. It also acts as an electrical insulator and therefore is suitable for many electronic bonding applications. For application, the 10-3041 is packaged in the TriggerBond system, which eliminates the weighing and mixing of a two-part epoxy. Samples are readily available and ship within three days. For more details, peruse the 10-3041 datasheet.

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