Epoxy Bonds Metal To Metal

Epoxies, Etc. sees many assembly applications requiring strong structural bonds for metal to metal. The company’s 10-3044 Epoxy Adhesive is said to bond exceptionally well to aluminum and steel.  It also bonds well to a variety of other substrates. 


The epoxy is fully compatible with cleaning solutions for stencils and screens. It cures within two hours at room temperature and is capable of withstanding high operating temperatures.  It also is resistant to severe chemical environments. Also, 10-3044 is packaged in the convenient TriggerBond dual barrel cartridge system, which allows users to easily apply the epoxy with accuracy. For more details, checkout the 10-3044 Technical Bulletin, call 401-946-5564, or email [email protected].

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New VNA technologies enable mmWave broadband testing to 220 GHz, helping researchers and engineers to overcome test challenges and simplify mmWave testing.

Application development in the mmWave frequencies is growing. Broadband testing over hundreds of GHz of bandwidth is subject to repeatability/accuracy deficits, and engineers demand solutions to help overcome challenges and simplify mmWave testing.

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