Epoxy Adhesive Reliably Bonds Heatsinks

The 70-3812NC aluminum-filled epoxy adhesive is designed for bonding heat sinks that require high thermal conductivity and strong structural bonds. In addition to providing strong bonds and thermal conductivity, the 70-3812NC passes NASA’s outgassing requirements per ASTM E-595-07.  The viscosity of this material is ideal for bonded fin heat sink applications and pipe bonding in extruded aluminum base applications. The 70-3812NC is a two component epoxy system formulated to be cured at room temperature or with mild heat.  The 10:1 mix ratio is said to be easy for batch mixing or utilizing meter mix and dispense equipment. More information is available at http://www.epoxies.com/_resources/common/bulletins/70-3812NC.pdf


Epoxies Etc.

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