EPICS Baseline Driver Handles Large-Scale Experiments

EPICS Baseline Driver Handles Large-Scale Experiments
Galil Motion Control Inc.

Touting ease of use and speed, the company’s newly-launched Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System EPICS (EPICS) baseline driver is a set of open-source, distributed software tools used extensively for scientific instruments. These include particle accelerators, telescopes, and other large-scale experimental installations. Users are said to be able to network arbitrarily complex systems of nodes such as motion controllers, PLCs, instrumentation, and other software and hardware agents. The driver is supported by the company’s current generation of motion controllers and PLCs and provides communication drivers and device support to create an EPICS input/output Controller (IOC). The driver comes with the basic support needed for building a feature-rich IOC. For more details, visit http://www.galil.com/downloads/software/epicsdriver  

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