EoPlex Named GoingGreen Top 100 Winner

REDWOOD CITY, CA /PRNewswire/ -- EoPlex Technologies Inc. announced that it has been chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the GoingGreen Top 100 winners. Inclusion in the GoingGreen 100 signifies major developments in the creation of new business opportunities in the green technology industries. AlwaysOn editors compiled the elite GoingGreen 100 list with assistance from KPMG's emerging business practice and KPMG VC Practice. Together, they surveyed more than 500 venture investors, investment bankers, and technology insiders, who nominated hundreds of companies to determine the GoingGreen 100 winners. All winners are innovators in their given technology sectors, and each one of them demonstrates leadership among peers in the areas of innovation, market potential, commercialization, stakeholder value, and media buzz.

EoPlex and the other GoingGreen Top 100 companies were honored September 4 at a special reception hosted by KMPG, AlwaysOn, and Goodwin Procter at The Sundeck in Menlo Park. EoPlex will be further acknowledged at the GoingGreen 2008 conference, scheduled to occur September 15–17, 2008, at Cavalla Point in Sausalito, CA.

"The GoingGreen Top 100 winners have excelled in key strategic areas in the global clean energy technology markets," said Tony Perkins, founder and CEO of AlwaysOn. "We congratulate them for their success in introducing new tools, services, and systems that are driving the next phase of greentech innovation and transforming the biggest industries on earth."

EoPlex manufactures miniature custom mechanical, electronic, fluidic, and chemical components that generate, harvest, and manage energy. A true platform technology, EoPlex can produce highly complex parts using combinations of materials in each part and at low cost. The EoPlex approach is being used to produce a variety of devices, such as cell phone antennas, fuel cell reformers, and energy harvesters to power the new wireless tire pressure sensors.

A full list of all the GoingGreen Top 100 Winners has been published on the AlwaysOn Web site.

"We are delighted to be recognized for the second consecutive year by AlwaysOn and to be named among the GoingGreen top 100 companies," said Arthur Chait, CEO of EoPlex. "A central part of our vision is to offer innovation in materials science that helps to enable new clean products and processes. The design freedom and new design rules we offer to engineers are at the very heart of our wider contribution to the global drive for innovation."

About EoPlex
EoPlex Technologies Inc. produces components using innovative deposition techniques, based on custom printing equipment and proprietary inks that carry ceramic, metallic, or polymer materials to millions of locations. This allows the manufacture of components with integrated chambers, channels, sensors, circuits, reactors, energy scavengers, and other features. Many parts are created simultaneously in large panels, and the only tooling required is low-cost printing masks. The company is currently using the technology to develop products in markets that include energy harvesters to replace batteries, micropumps, RF devices, thermal devices, and fluidic components. Its products also include state-of-the-art, complex ceramic-metal cell phone antennas, where the dielectric properties of the ceramic provide better performance in a smaller package. EoPlex is a privately held company based in Redwood City, CA, and is backed by ATA Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Labrador Ventures, and Draper-Richards.

About AlwaysOn
AlwaysOn ignited the open-media revolution in early 2003 by being the "first media brand to launch a community blog network. In 2004, AlwaysOn continued to lead the industry in innovation by engaging its bloggers in a social network. AlwaysOn is also revolutionizing the media business by applying its open-media principles to its executive event series (Stanford Summit, OnHollywood, Breakout, OnMedia, GoingGreen, NordicGreen, and Venture Summits East and West) and quarterly print "blogozine." No other media brand has dared to create such open interaction with its readers and event participants.

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