Environmental Sensor Family Adds Pressure Sensor Models

Bourns enlarges its line of environmental sensors by adding an ultra-low 0.15- to 1-psi pressure sensor. The Models BPS110/BPS120 pressure sensors are based on MEMS technology, which provides extremely accurate condition readings in a miniature package size. The components offer fully calibrated and compensated outputs, making them viable for a range of industrial, consumer and medium/low-risk medical designs including portable oxygen generators, nebulizers, CPAP equipment, diagnostic spirometers and gas chromatography equipment.


The pressure sensors feature a Total Error Band (TEB) of 1.5 % FS over a temperature range of 0°C to +60°C (Six-Sigma process), and a lifetime drift of 0.5 % FS. Compensated plug and play shorten development time and offers design flexibility for use in either analog (BPS110) or digital systems (BPS120) where an amplified, calibrated pressure signal can be acquired from the digital interface or analog output.  For pressure-free learning, take a peek at the BPS110/BPS120 pressure sensors datasheet.

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