Environmental Data Loggers Raise Standards In Remote Telemetry

Environmental Data Loggers Raise Standards In Remote Telemetry
CAS DataLoggers Inc.

Promising to reduce cost of deployment for building developers, government/municipal departments, and research organizations, Isodaq telemetry and data logging systems perform remote site monitoring including GPRS data loggers for connection with flow meters, rain gauges, and weather stations. The Frog RX GSM/GPRS telemetry data logger is a rugged IP68 field telemetry device designed for installation inside 100-mm tubes, for strapping onto poles/piezometers, or fitting inside ground-level meter-boxes. It is considered a low-cost outstation for generating alarms for heavy rainfall, river/urban flooding, borehole level, or water quality/pollution alerts.

The Hawk RT GSM GPRS Data Logger is a rugged telemetry data logger specifically designed for installation and use under hostile site application conditions where instrumentation is under continuous environmental abuse. It’s suitable for use where instrumentation bollards, manholes or meter box covers are used for enclosures. Sealed connectors allow installation without opening the box. The Hawk RT is housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure which when the serial port connectors/caps are secured properly is rated to IP67.

The Tadpole range can fit into tipping-bucket rain gauges or slots inside a 50-mm diameter piezometer tube. For example, the Tadpole R2 is a single-board 16-channel data logger with on-board GSM/GPRS modem, sealed for life against moisture ingress and designed for remote-site monitoring in harsh environments.

Additionally, Isodaq dataloggers use the Harvest for Windows software package, available in versions for both Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista or 7) and Windows Mobile (3, 5 or 6). Harvest allows users to set up the datalogger, configure recording rates and alarms, and graph data for all channels. Operators can also activate a control output on alarm, configure & test telemetry modems, and export data to CSV or XML format files.

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