Ensure you have the fundamentals to build a smarter test system.

Defining a test strategy is critical to reducing cost and maximizing the efficiency of your product development and manufacturing organizations. Ensure you have the fundamentals to build a smarter test system that can address your needs today and in the future with test engineer best practices for test executive maintenance, hardware and software abstraction layers, thermal profiling, and switching. In this complete guide, learn the recommended process for building test systems from start to finish.

Key Topics

◾Modeling the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a Test System
◾Selecting Instrumentation
◾Power Infrastructure
◾Switching and Multiplexing
◾Test Executive Software
◾Hardware and Measurement Abstraction Layers
◾Rack Layout and Thermal Profiling
◾Mass Interconnect and Fixturing
◾Software Deployment
◾Test System Maintenance

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