EnOcean strengthens sales activities in China and Taiwan

Partners with Advanced Devices to accelerate growth of EnOcean’s business for energy harvesting wireless solutions in Greater China and to expand its customer base in the region
Shanghai/China, January 07, 2014 – EnOcean, the world leader in energy harvesting wireless solutions, and Advanced Devices, an innovative design-in focused distributor, have started an in-depth collaboration in China and Taiwan, leveraging Advanced Devices’ application and technical sales team in the region. With this step, EnOcean seizes the initiative to convert the rapidly increasing interest in self-powered devices into a growing and diverse customer base in the region. Major team objectives are to support existing Chinese and Taiwanese customers, to expand EnOcean’s business and to accelerate product design-ins.

Experienced technical sales representatives and field application engineers from Advanced Devices will work closely with EnOcean’s existing team in Beijing. Having a presence in two major Chinese business locations will enable EnOcean to educate the market on the benefits of energy harvesting wireless systems while offering optimal customer service and support.

Continuous growth in Asia

Since taking its first steps in the Asian market in late 2011, EnOcean’s business in China and Japan has experienced a fast-paced growth. Last year, the company opened its first office in Beijing to meet the increased market demand. Today, a number of Asian industry leaders have integrated the energy harvesting wireless standard into their portfolio for maintenance-free commercial building automation, smart home systems or industrial monitoring. These include Dooya, Lutuo, SECO, Tiansu, Tongfang, Volksen, WRT, YTL, Nippon Aleph, NEC and Toshiba.

Unique innovative solution

“We are very excited to bring forward EnOcean’s energy harvesting wireless solutions in China and Taiwan. This unique innovative technology, having access to ever-present power sources and being maintenance-free, perfectly meets several requirements of the Chinese economic and social development. This ranges from energy efficiency measures in buildings and industry to assistance systems for an aging society, more safety and comfort in homes or monitoring of scarce resources,” says Andrea Marchi, Managing Director of Advanced Devices.

“The Chinese market is substantial for EnOcean and the demand for self-powered sensors is growing very fast. It is an important step for us to expand our business and further establish us as the leader in energy harvesting wireless solutions in Asia. I’m very happy, we can realize this together with the experienced team at Advance Devices which has extensive knowledge of the market,” says Laurent Giai-Miniet, CEO of EnOcean.

For more information visit http://www.advanceddevices.com and http://www.enocean.com

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