EnOcean Showcases Self-Powered Products For Wireless Communication

Salt Lake City, UT – EnOcean will be showcasing a new self-powered product family for wireless communication in the globally usable 2.4 GHz frequency band. This adds to the company’s products in 868 MHz, 902 MHz and 928 MHz for new markets and regions.

With the 2.4 GHz offering, OEMs can now realize battery-less switch applications for worldwide use. This development emphasizes EnOcean’s know-how in kinetic energy harvesting based on the field-proven electromechanical energy converter ECO 200.

The new 2.4 GHz portfolio enables integration of EnOcean’s technology into 2.4 GHz systems, such as ZigBee. It opens the self-powered technology to new markets, particularly for applications that request a global use for energy harvesting wireless communication.

Thus, manufacturers of 2.4 GHz based products can now integrate EnOcean energy harvesting in their portfolio for battery-less, wireless room-level control. Due to the EnOcean standard form factors, OEMs can easily use the new 2.4 GHz modules to develop various kinetic-powered applications such as wall switches, contact sensors or remote controls.

The EnOcean 2.4 GHz product family includes:

• PTM 215ZE – a 2.4 GHz radio pushbutton transmitter module is mechanically compatible with the industry standard PTM 21x module form factor (sub-1 GHz) to ensure an easy integration into a wide range of switch designs, allowing efficient migration paths.
• PTM 535Z – this 2.4 GHz radio transmitter module, combined with the ECO 200 energy converter, has a smaller form factor than the PTM 215ZE and is suitable for custom switch designs in industrial, consumer and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. 3D data, provided together with the technical data sheet, facilitates the prototyping of various housings.
• TCM 515Z – the 2.4 GHz radio transceiver with ESP3 interface enables quick integration of EnOcean 2.4 GHz solutions into actuators, gateways and controllers.

Energy for the self-powered Internet of Things

EnOcean uses the principle of energy harvesting for its wireless sensor solutions. The technology’s secret ingredients are miniaturized energy converters, which convert kinetic, solar or thermal energy into electrical power. Together with an efficient energy management system, this platform enables self-powered IoT devices to communicate on various radio standards – without installing complicated cabling or fitting batteries – for use in building automation, smart home, LED lighting control as well as for industrial applications.

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