EnOcean Launches Battery-Free Wireless Sensor

BOSTON /PRNewswire/ -- Finally, a complete package. The world's "first wireless, battery-free...and affordable...sensor transmitter to integrate all sensor functions into a single module" has been unveiled in North America for OEMs developing products for commercial building monitoring and control, industrial processes, lighting control, automated metering infrastructures, and home automation.

The EnOcean STM (Sensor Transmitter Module) 110 harvests and stores solar energy, converts DC to DC efficiently, measures incoming data with ultra-low power electronics, and transmits via radio signals.

"Battery-free wireless sensor modules need to be designed as an integrated package," said Jim O'Callaghan, EnOcean's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, North America. "Piecing together components from different suppliers is inefficient because they have not been optimized to work with each other."

The integrated STM 110 module makes possible scalable and continuously adaptable sensor networks that can sense and transmit data on temperature, gas, humidity, vapor, current, light levels, water, pressure, location, occupancy, and other parameters.

Its dimensions—0.8 in. by 1.6 in. by 0.4 in. (21 mm by 40 mm by 9 mm)—allow it to be incorporated into very small OEM products and facilitate enhanced product aesthetics. The module advances proven technology with over 300,000 units operating in more than 10,000 buildings in Europe and North America, including ones installed in SAP and Nestle facilities.

Since the module requires neither line voltage nor batteries, it is virtually maintenance free. It eliminates such battery headaches as unpredictable service life, replacement, and disposal, yet is cost competitive with battery-based systems.

STM 110-enabled products can be designed for quick and easy peel 'n stick installation practically anywhere. Products can be moved readily as floor plans or monitoring requirements change. Most installations do not require outside electricians or added networking overhead for managing the radio frequency.

For more information on the EnOcean STM 110 Sensor Transmitter Module, call Jim O'Callaghan at 801-733-6118, email him at [email protected], or visit the company's Web site.

About EnOcean
EnOcean manufactures and markets world-leading energy-harvesting technology, sensors, and RF (radio frequency) communication in a single solution for building and home automation, lighting, industrial, automated meter reading, and environmental applications. The company is a spin-off of Siemens AG, one of the premier German technology centers. U.S. operations are based in Boston.

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