EnOcean Alliance Founded to Enable Intelligent Green Buildings

SAN RAMON, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- A group of key companies across North America and Europe have united to form the EnOcean Alliance. The alliance's mission is to enable intelligent green buildings based on EnOcean energy harvesting wireless technology. The alliance has selected Lightfair 2008 as the platform for its official launch. Founding promoters of the alliance include Masco, Leviton, EnOcean, Distech Controls, MK Electric (a Honeywell subsidiary), Omnio, and Thermokon. Additional member companies, such as Texas Instruments and Sylvania Osram, are joining the alliance at the participant level.

The alliance addresses the demand in today's environment and economy for a wireless ecosystem that combines a broad range of interoperable, flexible, and uncomplicated monitoring/control products. In wireless building automation, the EnOcean self-powered wireless technology has the "largest installation base in the world, with over 70 shipping manufacturers, 300 available products, and 10,000 EnOcean-enabled buildings."

The potential for sustainable wireless communication solutions is enormous. For facility managers and property developers, for example, low-power wireless technology is not only energy efficient, but it also reduces cabling, saves installation time/cost, removes reliance on batteries, eliminates maintenance, and provides freedom/flexibility.

Self-powered wireless sensors and switches (powered by ambient energies, such as solar, mechanical, and thermal) provide unprecedented flexibility when designing, installing and maintaining energy-efficient buildings. The energy-harvesting technology positions alliance members to be able to offer simple and cost-effective energy solutions to architects, contractors, and building owners.

To further develop EnOcean technology, the alliance will focus on formalizing the specifications for the interoperability of the sensor profiles for the wireless products operating in unlicensed frequency bands and subsequently ratify them as an international standard.

The alliance has three membership classes:

  • Promoters—innovators and key players who will lead, define, and drive the alliance


  • Participants—companies and suppliers providing product and services using alliance technology


  • Associate members—building professionals, academics, and smaller distribution partners interested in the technology, advancements, examples, training and so on.

"The EnOcean Alliance will provide significant advantages to members through the use of future-oriented maintenance-free wireless monitoring and control technology," commented Graham Martin, Founder of the EnOcean Alliance. "Building professionals benefit from unlimited flexibility by allowing selection of a broad base of interoperable products, thus enabling simple, speedy, and cost-attractive adaptation to changing requirements."

About EnOcean Technology
EnOcean, an inventor of self-powered wireless modules, develops battery-free control solutions that draw energy from movement, light, or even changes in temperature. The harvested energy is used for transmitting sensor data over a distance of up to 30 m (indoors) to control lighting, blinds, heating, or air conditioning without the need for cabling. In addition to its eco-friendliness, the technology is easily installed and maintenance-free, ensuring unparalleled flexibility at the lowest investment and operational cost for sustainable buildings.

About the EnOcean Alliance
The EnOcean Alliance is a consortium of companies working to further develop and promote self-powered wireless monitoring and control systems for sustainable buildings by formalizing the interoperable wireless standard. It has the "largest installed base of field-proven wireless building automation networks in the world."

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