Engine Peak Meter from Kistler North America

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Kistler North America

The Type 2516B rugged, handheld engine peak meter from Kistler North America, Novi, MI, supports the balancing and diagnostics of large natural gas, marine, and diesel engine cylinder pressure cycles at speeds up to 4000 rpm. The device offers immediate on-site data evaluation and high-reliability time-based combustion pressure measurement capabilities. The meter uses uncooled reference piezoelectric pressure sensors and can measure and store data from up to 100 large engine combustion pressure cycles; and calculate and display avg., min. and max. peak pressure; peak pressure standard deviation; and max. rate of pressure rise. Features include a USB port, rechargeable battery and charging station, and data evaluation software.

Contact Info

Company: Kistler North America
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 888-547-8537

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