Energy Harvesting Subsystems from Nextreme

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Nextreme Thermal Solutions Inc.

Nextreme Thermal Solutions, Durham, NC, has developed two energy harvesting subsystems for plumbing and HVAC applications. The subsystems are part of the company's Thermobility thin-film thermoelectric energy harvesting platform used to covert available thermal energy into electric power for autonomous, self-powered applications. For plumbing, thermal energy from water supply lines under a sink and during flush valve operations can be converted to electricity to power LED status indicators, hands-free faucets, soap dispenser solenoids, and wireless transmitters for DA. For HVAC, the wireless power generators can be used to power temperature, humidity, and airflow sensors by harvesting thermal energy from hot or cold temperature differences found in air plenums.

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Company: Nextreme Thermal Solutions Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 919-597-7300
Fax: 919-597-7301

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