Energy-Harvesting-Powered WSN from Cymbet, ANT

ANT, Cochrane, AB, Canada, offers its ANTDKT3 WSN development kit which incorporates the EnerChip thin-film semiconductor battery from Cymbet Corp., Elk River, MN. The ANT wireless power sensor network development kit includes ANT wireless modules, PC tools and resources, prototypes and demonstrations, and the SensRcore WSN development platform. The EnerChip thin-film battery devices offer fast charge times, >5000 recharges, and are reflow solderable and eco-friendly. The devices can be integrated as an embedded device or as a surface-mounted component. In the kit, the EnerChip module can be charged via a USB connector or used with the Cymbet solar energy harvester demo board. (403-932-9292, fax 403-932-6521, [email protected],; 763-633-1780, fax 763-633-1799,

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